What to look for when betting on horseracing online

by ANNIE DALE Picture: Wanderlust Sports.com While visiting the racetrack watching and wagering on the races usually makes for a hugely entertaining day out. Unfortunately it is not something most horse betting enthusiasts can do every day. That is where online racebooks have come in to allow horse bettors to watch and bet on the races from the comfort of their home or thanks to mobile technology anywhere where they have a decent internet connection.

While the first online racebooks went live in the late 90s, not all of them were the most reputable operations. With many of them operating from offshore legal havens and with little regulations, players often found themselves having to kiss their money goodbye.

Luckily, the online racebook industry has come a long way since those days and horseracing enthusiasts can now find plenty of fantastic racebooks that will offer them the chance to bet on races throughout the world, all while guaranteeing the security of their funds and providing them with stellar service.

How to choose the right racebook

While there are plenty of superb options to choose from, picking the right online racebook for you will depend on your particular features and commodities that you are most interested in. Are you looking for a racebook that offers HD streaming of races across the world? Are you more interested in receiving a large sign-up bonus or in having a healthy rebate program?

While these are all important questions that we will tackle in this article, the most important thing you need to check is the racebook’s reputation. To ensure you are sending your money to an operation that is not only reputable but one that also offers you great customer service, fast deposits and payouts, and good odds on your horses is always more important than any other perk that you may be offered. In order to be sure that the racebook you are interested in is well rated, you should always do your research and read reviews from trustworthy sources before sending your money.

Another factor that concerns a lot of bettors is the protection of their personal information. While there are casinos online where you don’t need an account to play – giving you complete anonymity – racebooks are yet to implement this feature. Nevertheless, you should make sure to choose a racebook that will protect your information and give you plenty of deposit options that employ additional layers of protection. 

Hunting for bonuses

Once you have narrowed your list to racebooks where your money and information will be safe, you will want to start comparing what kind of bonus programs each one offers you. Many online racebooks will offer up bonuses for an amount upwards of 100% of your initial deposit in order to entice you to sign up with them, giving players a healthy balance to start with. Keep in mind, however, many of them will come with rollover requirements, where you will need to bet the winnings several times over before withdrawing.

Another important bonus feature you should look out for is a generous rebate program. Many top racebooks online will offer rebates on win, place and show bets of 3% or higher, and 8% or more on exotic wagers. While these amounts may not seem like much, they will make a huge difference on your bottom line over the years.

Shopping for Odds

Bonuses and rebates are not the only factor that will have a big influence on your bottom line, however, as it is also hugely important to consider the racebook’s takeout and odds.

There are many tools online that will help you compare odds from different racebooks, allowing you to choose the one that offers that most favorable payouts. Likewise, you should review what percentage of takeout the racebook will tax you for your bets, as some books will charge as high as 31% on trifectas, taking away a bit chunk of your winnings.

Taking all of these factors into consideration and prioritizing the factors most important to you, you are sure to find an online racebook experience that will bring all the excitement from going to the track wherever you go.


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