Learn About the Popular Betting Options at Melbourne, and Experience the Action

by LUCIA CASTELLO THE Melbourne Cup, the premier racing event of Australia, is both a betting and social event. For the last few years, this premier racing event has transitioned into a popular betting platform for local punters and even racing enthusiasts from other parts of the world. According to The Sunday Telegraph, Australians wagered an average $1200 for the Melbourne Cup, and it projected that more than $300 million will be wagered on the premier race. This data only suggests that the Cup is a popular sporting activity in the country, and one that’s treated with utmost attention and respect.

In the same survey, The Sunday Telegraph also explained the reason why more punters are placing big bets on these races. The editorial board suggested that the popularity of the Cup among punters and enthusiasts can be attributed to the popularity of smart phones, the internet and digital devices. The TAB still takes a substantial portion of the business, but a growing number of sports bettors are using their mobile devices to place their bets for comfort and convenience purposes.

Aside from the fact that it’s a busy day for betting, the Melbourne Cup is also considered as a social event, one that provides the enthusiasts, punters and observers a chance to socialize with one another, enjoy and have fun. Aside from the race, the event is also known for its fashion and entertainment offerings. It’s that time of the year when the general public come out, dressed in the most fashionable clothes and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts. The exciting combination of massive public attention and wide betting opportunities help make Melbourne Cup an exciting portal for someone who wants to try their hands on sports betting. Although it may seem exciting and inviting, keep in mind that one should learn first about the basics like betting options before making the bets.

What are the Popular Betting Options Available in Melbourne Cup?

In the Australian sporting calendar, the Melbourne Cup takes an important role. The race is often advertised as the country’s most ‘important Tuesday’, a racing event that stops a nation. And during this busy day, punters are also busy deciding on the bets to make. Some of the leading betting options that are often covered by punters are ‘win bet’, ‘place bet’, each way’, ‘head-to-head’ and ‘live betting’. The ‘win bet’ is highly recommended for beginners, since it comes with basic rules to follow. Here, you just pick a horse to bet on based on the odds presented. Beginners can also explore the ‘place bet’, where the money is on the horse that will be included in the top three finishers.

There is also a bet called the ‘each way’, an arrangement that allows the  sports bettor to receive dividends on the place bet and the win bet in case the horse wins. For example, if the chosen horse runs a place, then the sports bettor will receive the place dividend. There is also the bet called ‘head-to-head’, where a sports bettor is given a chance to select two horses, and he will make a bet as to what horse will end up the winner. For example, a punter can choose Francis of Assisi and Heartbreak City for a ‘head-to-head. There’s also the prospect of live betting during the Melbourne Cup, and this is often facilitated by a TAB outlet, where odds change while the race is on-going.

How Can You Prepare for the Next Melbourne Cup?

Preparation and access to information are the keys to a successful sports betting adventure. This has been the technique used by other sports bettors focusing on traditional sports like soccer and tennis, and it’s applicable as well in horse racing, especially at the Melbourne Cup. One critical step that you can take is to access free bets list for upcoming Melbourne Cup in Australia. Yes, some betting platforms and betting portals share resources including free bets which can help both the beginners and experienced punters. It’s one amazing offer that should be strongly considered by beginners, since some websites offering up to $501 as a free bet. The arrangement here is that the sports betting site will match the deposit, up to the specified limit.

Another way to prepare for this exciting day is to know the Melbourne Cup field, and to regularly check out the odds. Since Almandin was the 2016 winner, it’s only expected that it’s a favorite to win again. But recent odds suggests that it’s running on the second line, based on one popular sports betting site, next to Francis of Assisi which is on top of the market. Rounding up the top 3 are Oceanographer and Heartbreak City. Odds may change as the date gets nearer, so the challenge is on the punter to make sense of the data and information, including free bets and current odds.

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