Is there no end to Clare Balding’s talents?

A flyer dropped through my letterbox the other day for the Ilkley Literature Festival.

This is an event we’ve been to as a family before to see the likes of Michael Morpurgo and John Hegley.

But there, smack in the middle of the leaflet, was the beaming face of Clare Balding. The same Clare Balding that had made my enjoyment of the Olympics so much more tangible. And the same broadcaster who can seemingly turn her hand to any subject from rugby league to Crufts to Trooping The Colour.

Later that day I was delighted to discover that Clare had been chosen to anchor Channel 4’s racing coverage from next year.

If she isn’t already, Clare is in grave danger of becoming a national treasure; she is to broadcasting what Julie Walters is to acting. Everything she does, she does superbly and it is always obvious that she has painstakingly researched her subjects.

Clare is appearing at the Ilkley Literature Festival on October 12 by which time her book My Animals and Other Family will have been released. Tickets are on sale from this Thursday and will probably go quickly. More festival details are available by clicking here


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