Five things to consider when backing a horse

by PADDY POWER HORSE racing is one of the most bet on sports in the world. Although some punters can make a lot of money, the casual bettor usually backs a horse based on the number they have, the name of the horse, or just completely at random. However, there are five key things you can take into account when backing a horse to give you the best chance of winning. By using a combination of our five factors to consider when backing a horse, you can make a calculated guess on which horse to place a bet on.

Horses often drop down in class if they are unable to compete at the level they were racing at. When researching potential tips, always keep an eye out for horses that have dropped down a couple of levels. Although they are not guaranteed to win the race, their experience in higher classes and the lack of competition at the lower classes gives them a slight advantage over others, which makes them one of the favourites for the race.

Online betting websites, such as Paddy Power, display breeding pedigrees for each horse competing in a race. The majority of racehorses are bred with selected horse types in order to create the ideal racehorse. Different pedigree horses are suited to different types of tracks. Before placing your bet, you should research whether your horse is genetically suited to race on the track compared to the other horses. If the track type is suitable for the horse, then you should waste no time and back it.

Jockeys that have had success at the same track are more likely to repeat their success than other jockeys. Their knowledge of the track gives them the upper hand over those who lack the experience and knowledge of the track. Although other factors such as the type of horse being used and ground conditions will affect the outcome of the race, the prior knowledge and experience will obviously give the jockey the upper hand over the others.

A jockey that is on a winning streak is more likely to win a race than someone who has not won a race in a while. Although it is plausible for a jockey on a cold streak to win a race, it seems far more likely that a jockey will continue their momentum from their previous win. However, like every other factor in this article, you should not just rely on a recent winning streak to make your decision. Another jockey in the same race on a cold streak may be a course specialist. In this scenario, the course specialist will probably have the upper hand over the jockey on a winning streak. If this is not the case, then the jockey on a winning streak will give you the best chance of getting a return on your bet.

The performance of a horse also depends on a trainer. When backing a horse, you should always look at how well the trainer’s horses perform on certain types of tracks. For example, if you discover that horses trained by the same trainer have previously performed much better on a sharp track track, then it is likely that the horse about to race will also perform better on a sharp track than the other runners. For some trainers there may not be a noticeable difference between different tracks. However if you do notice an incredible trainer history on a certain type of track, then it likely that the horse will cope very well compared with others.

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