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by STACY SMITH Sports betting is on the rise, as is all online gaming. Recently the UCGC put restrictions on live betting and the use of free bets as they believe it promotes repetitive gambling, and this caters for gambling addiction.

Probably not a coincidence, as the British Gambling Commission is a very active and efficient organ. The Brits love betting and gambling, and the UK was one of the first countries with a National Lottery. 

Changes IN Sports Betting Rules

Which brings us back to the changes in the UK market. Traffic Puma implemented the change in the rules early in the project and got a perfect launch and massive response. It certainly seems that it pays thinking about the “softer” human issues that occur user-side. And to consider copy and content more carefully. 

“Traffic Puma agrees that we’ll see a huge change in the quality of content from now on. Text will always be important, well ‘always’ is a dangerous word – let’s just say over the next 20 years, ok,” laughs CEO Ken Larsen 

 Traffic Puma

Traffic Puma is an affiliate company that was founded in 2017 by three friends from the Maltese iGaming industry. They recently launched the UK-targeted site

This is a gaming affiliate site that has a focus on responsible gambling. 

“Traffic Puma is a responsible affiliate company, and not least are we concerned about our users,” says Mr Larsen. “Whatever they want more of in terms of interaction and content, we will deliver. And we see that people want more information. Real information, about real issues.” 

Responsible gambling has become a keyword for people in the affiliate industry. Some may try to convince you it always has, but if you go just a few years back and see which approaches sites had to get clicks, you see that many changes have occurred. For the better. 


Check out the betting site reviews at and see for yourself how Traffic Puma solved these challenges. Perhaps more affiliate sites may get some inspiration for future work in the casino and sports betting field?

 UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission is the regulatory unit responsible for the industry in the UK. And they introduced new rules and regulations in July of 2017, although the commission introduces rules regularly through the year. 

It is important that affiliate sites comply with all rules from the commission, although many sites ignore these rules. 

This is a risky venture, and more and more affiliate sites see the vital importance of long-term thinking. This makes it important to observe rules and stay on the legal and ethical side of things.

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